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Lost for Words

Victoria and Nadia are meeting up to break up, inventing all sorts of absurd reasons why they should do so, but upon reaching their meeting point at a park bench where they have shared so many moments together, the memories of their bond places a big doubt on their prior intentions.

White Night

A music video created for Will Gunt’s new electronic track ‘White Night’, on behalf of Undertake Records.


A contemporary dystopian urban fantasy. When a young man reveals to his job interviewer an eerie story about a mysterious hooded figure who abducts and transfigures corrupted mortals, the interviewer is left with two defining choices, to change his ways for the better or become unskinned.

Poor Little Rich Girl

A young woman sitting in front of a mirror, recounts her day’s plans, her desires, her regrets, her strengths, and her insecurities.

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